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New blog is out!

Dear followers. Our new blog is out, mening this one is closing. Our new blog is written in Swedish but easily translatable. Just click the translate button we’ve added and then choose your language. You can follow our new blog by signing up in the form ending each post (or just scroll down to the […]


Our blog is moving

Dear reders, we haven’t posted anything in a while and now we have to tell you that we have decided to close this version of our blog. The biggest reason for this is that our main audience is in Sweden and many asked us to write in Swedish instead of English. Also, it will be […]


Sunday Shoutouts

This post contains advertisement through ad links for Arken Zoo. One of our most popular activities, our Sunday shoutouts, will from now move here, to our blog. Here you will have the chance to show your best dog pics to thousands and thousands of readers (an amazing opportunity to get more followers). Do you also […]



Post regularly. So, how often should you post something new? First of all, most of us do Instagram as a hobby and therefor need to set the bar at a reasonable level. At Labography we try to post every second day. It might not sound that often but remember that you have to have new […]


Tips before getting a dog

This post contains advertisement through ad links for ICA. Getting Bolt is truly the best thing ever happened to us and we can’t imagine life without him. Like many of you readers we’ve dreamt about getting a dog for a long time, but we made sure to take it slow. Actually there were over one […]


A walk through Stockholm

As many of you already know we live in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is quite a big city with approximately 1 million people living in the municipality. Our city is maybe most famous for being surrounded by water, as it stretches across fourteen islands (or maybe it’s most famous for being the home of ABBA). Anyhow, Stockholm is […]

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